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Sep 29, 2012 6:00pm EDT
with my, you know, staying young. i remember one time coming back l.a., los angeles, from a trip overseas. and when i show my passport to the customs service, he look at the passport -- my passport for i think two minute. and then he look at me again, and he asked, your driver license. ok. driver license. and then your green card. ok, green card. behind me a long line of passengers waiting, you know, to have stamp on their passport. so at the end, i asked the gentleman, you read the name? and, yes, yes. you know who am i? and he said, yes, general ky. so what take you so long -- and he said to me very funny, he said, my father served in vietnam, and he -- he's an admirer of general ky. so at home, you know, we have the picture on the wall, picture of general ky, but it is 35 or 40 years ago. yeah. but now, you know, you look too young. i imagined that, you know, general ky should be some sort of old man, white hair, cannot walk. so i asked him, ok, now you trust me? and he said, ok, now. and he asked me, what is the secret to stay young? >> did you tell him? >> i -- you know, i said, next
Sep 1, 2012 6:00pm EDT
--a brother in los angeles, a--a sister who runs a wild animal farm in florida. i have a brother in chicago and four siblings still in houston. c-span: and y--think--again, think back to your education in houston. who was your best teacher and why? >> guest: well, my best teacher was my homeroom teacher. she was also my english teacher and i used to correspond with her until she died. she died in an old-age home in--in south carolina. c-span: what was her name? >> guest: mrs. ratliff, mrs. ruby ratliff. and i--i remember when i first called her, and this must have been 15 years after i'd graduated and i'd just published my first book. so it was--oh, i guess it was about 1975. my first book was "a history of the new york city public schools." and so i called mrs. ratliff and said to her i had published a book and that i wanted to a--let her know she'd been my very best teacher, and i told her what i loved about her, which is that she had given me so much wonderful poetry that i had memorized and committed to heart. and i could look back at having learned bits of pope and wordsworth and--and
Sep 15, 2012 6:00pm EDT
a little bit in 1960 and there is this minor effort at the convention in los angeles to win the nomination. and it doesn't work. and then there is this bad time, i think, for stevenson, who doesn't--is not appointed secretary of state, which is what he wanted and truly believed that he could excel at instead, he becomes the ambassador to the united nations and that's not a good job for him. c-span: there's a scene that you talk about in the book and then we'll jump all around here trying to get to the bottom of this... >> guest: as long as we know which adlai stevenson we're talking about. c-span: yes. we're talking about the former governor... >> guest: yeah. c-span: ... the man who ran for president. the scene outside of john f. kennedy's house in georgetown... >> guest: yeah. c-span: ... when they came out after the election to talk about the un ambassadorship. what was that about? >> guest: yeah. well, by that time kennedy--stevenson wouldn't trade. i have to back up a little bit. kennedy had gone to libertyville, that's stevenson's home outside of chicago, and asked him to support him
Sep 8, 2012 6:00pm EDT
york, but i do a him him lot of teaching and so i travel him around a lot. i spend a lot of time in los angeles. him i'm writing a book about my classes at ucla, which were him him him going on during the rodney king tape, and also during the gulf him him war, and i was able to learn something about how young people him him him actually view these events. i spend a lot of time in moscow him him i'm working on a satellite television collaboration between him pbs, the guggenheim museum, the him him him tretyakov gallery and russian him tv, and i've been working on him him him him that off and on, i guess, for four or five years. him him him and i've done a lot of writing about the second russian revolution, as i saw it, which had a lot to do with media, of course. c-span: are there things you him just won't watch? >> guest: it's not so much that him him him i won't watch stuff, it's that i'm one human being. i have a limited amount of time, and i naturally go where my him him him him interests are. i have to admit that there are certain kinds of styles of television that i like and that h
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4